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Hi, my name is Brandon Stocking and I am a digital artist from Vacaville, CA. I originally started this page to post my own artwork. Now, I also use it to teach others how to use the free 3D software called Blender.

Hopefully you’re already a Blender user who’s found my page to take your own art to the next level. If you’re brand new or are just curious about 3D art, I’ve got plenty for you as well.

On my page, you’ll find my own portfolio of art – see how it has improved over time! I’ll post all of my free tutorials here as well as a ton of free resources related to all things digital art.

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I am a digital artist in Vacaville, CA. I originally created this site to display my own digital art. Now I also use it to teach others about digital art - mostly with the free 3D software known as Blender.

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