Blender add-ons (or plugins) are one of the greatest things about Blender. Add-ons let us do more and save us time no matter what we are using Blender for.

Many add-ons are free, but some paid ones are worth the investment. Here are a few of my favorite add-ons for Blender 3D.

This list includes affiliate links which pay me a commission if used to purchase.

What are the best paid add-ons / plugins for Blender in 2022?

It’s of course subjective, but these addons are ones I have personally used and recommend. I’ve included the regular prices of each addon at the time of writing. Other platforms that sell add-ons are listed below.

Best Add-On for Scattering Objects and Nature Scenes

Geo Scatter is easily the best tool available for scattering objects in a Blender scene. It comes with a large library of 3D nature assets and additional asset packs can be purchased.

Geo Scatter has numerous masking options to get exactly the scattering effect we want. It now integrates with the Blender Asset Browser and uses geometry nodes! The pre-built biomes combine assets in a single click.

  • Included nature assets
  • Asset Browser integration
  • Robust masking features
  • Pre-built nature biomes

Geo Scatter

The Geo Scatter thumnail shows an outdoor scene with nature assets scattered procedurally with the add-on.

Regular Price: $99

Best Add-On for Creating Realistic Human Characters

Want to know how to make realistic human characters in Blender? I’ve tried several tools and Human Generator is the only addon for making characters I use now. It’s simple, customizable and works right inside of Blender. No need to import characters into Blender.

The plug-in comes with a base set of clothes for characters, but expansion packs can be added.

  • Realistic human characters
  • Highly customizable
  • Simple to use
  • Automatically rigs characters
  • Add pre-made poses

Learn more from my Human Generator review and guide!

Human Generator

The Human Generator thumnail shows two human characters created in Blender.

Regular Price: $68

Best Ivy Generator for Blender

Antoine Bagattini does not disappoint with the most intuitive and realistic geometry node ivy generator I’ve found.

The add-on comes with a huge library of leaves, flowers and preset ivy collections. They’re entirely customizable. We can even have the ivy animated to blow in the wind.

  • Over 120 assets
  • 30 ivy presets
  • Animation controls
  • Uses geometry nodes

See my overview video on YouTube.

Ivy Generator

The baga ivy generator thumbnail shows realistic ivy and purple flowers.

Regular Price: $60

Best Rain Generator for Blender

Although technically not an add-on, this rain generator uses geometry nodes to create incredibly realistic, detailed and customizable rain.

It generates splashes with visually accurate collision and wind. Designed by Antoine Bagattini (creator of BagaPie) this is everything we need to create rain in Blender.

  • Control wind direction
  • Splash height and speed
  • Accurate collisions
  • Water shader included

Rain Generator

The Rain Generator thumbnail shows a nature scene with raindrops falling and splashing in puddles.

Regular Price: $9

Best Add-On for Adding Procedural Damage

The name pretty much says it all. Add damage to any object in Blender with a single click. Adjust the settings to control the damage. The damage is procedural and non-destructive. Super simple!

The OCD add-on automatically adds material slots to the damaged area so we can easily add materials to the damage.

  • Extremely simple to use
  • Customizable damage
  • Automatic material for damage
  • Lite version is free

Learn more at the One-Click Damage review page!

OCD (One-Click Damage)

The OCD One Click Damage thumbnail shows the letters "OCD" and two white columns with procedural damage.

Regular Price: $14

Best Add-On for Previewing Nodes

The Node Preview add-on displays a preview thumbnail for Cycles nodes above each node in the Blender shader editor. We see exactly what each node is contributing and we see the effects of our changes in real time.

This saves me a lot of time and works really well.

  • Automatic Previews
  • High-resolution supported

Before You Buy: Check compatibility and review known “caveats” listed below the features. Only works with Cycles nodes and certain operating systems.

Node Preview

The node preview thumbnail shows three shader editor nodes with preview images above them.

Regular Price: $35

Best Add-On for Cables, Wires & Hoses

So many Blender scenes look better with cables, wires and hoses. Cablerator is a great tool to add these quickly and in bulk. It takes the frustrating task of setting up Bezier curves and turns it into a click of a button.

  • Point and click to add
  • Draw cables on geometry
  • Add physics to cables
  • Edit many cables at once
  • Apply custom profiles
  • Add hooks


The Cablerator thumbnail shows a sci-fi piece of equipment with cables and wires on it.

Regular Price: $14

Best Add-On for Random Plating & Details

Adding randomized panels and extrusions in Blender can take forever. I started using Random Flow on sci fi scenes to make panels and details, but I’ve found it can be useful for a lot more.

Random Flow is a robust set of tools for adding panels, extrusions, tubes and more. It preserves the original mesh.

  • Random panels
  • Random scattering
  • Random tubes
  • Auto-mirror function
  • Saves original mesh

Random Flow

The Random Flow thumbnail shows a beautiful sci fi tunnel created with the add-on.

Regular Price: $15

Best Add-On for Destruction and Fracturing Simulations

Eventually you’ll want to destroy something in Blender and RBDlab is the way to do it.

Setting up physics and smoke simulations for realistic destruction in Blender is tough to do manually. RBDlab adds VFX with an intuitive step-by-step workflow. The results are amazing and it’s all done with a few clicks inside Blender.

  • 4 Fracture Modes
  • Physics module
  • Add collisions
  • Add smoke
  • Simulation Banking


The RBDLab thumbnail shows screenshots of the RBD interface.

Regular Price: $69

Best Add-On for Hard Surface Modeling

Hard Ops and BoxCutter are two separate products, but are often used together. They are classic Blender tools for hard surface modeling which use booleans and an intuitive workflow to add incredibly crisp details. It’s all non-destructive!

These are two of the most downloaded (paid) add-ons for Blender and getting them in a bundle is the best deal.

  • Non-destructive
  • Fast cutting
  • Easy tool menus
  • Circular array tool
  • Grease Pencil tools

Hard Ops / BoxCutter

The Hard Ops / BoxCutter thumbnail displays a futuristic sci fi machine in the fog.

Regular Price: $38

Best Add-On for Hard Texture Baking

Texture baking in Blender is a pain! SimpleBake completely streamlines the texture baking process. We can use it on multiple materials, objects and UVs. Everything about texture baking is simplified with this add-on.

  • Simple Controls
  • Massive increase in speed
  • Bake in background
  • Bake multiple objects/materials

See my full tutorial and review on YouTube.

Simple Bake

Regular Price: $16

Best Add-On for Square UVs

With certain meshes, UVs are a pain. UV Squares turns all of your UV maps into perfectly square segments. This makes working with UVs on rounded surfaces easy!

One of the most straight-forward add-ons I’ve seen. If you use UVs, this is worth the investment as a time saver.

  • Reshape any UV to quads
  • Align UVs
  • Rip faces
  • Join selected verts

UV Squares

The UV Squares thumbnail shows a UV mesh converted to square UVs.

Regular Price: $16

Best Add-On for Poly Haven Assets

Poly Haven is a large library of high-quality assets that include HDRIs, 3D Models and Textures. They all come with a CC-0 license and can be used for anything.

The Poly Haven Asset Browser brings all 1000+ assets right into the Blender asset browser. We just drag and drop them into our scene.

  • Large library
  • High-quality assets
  • CC-0 Commercial License
  • Automatic Catalogs

Want to learn more? See the Poly Haven Asset Browser page.

Poly Haven Asset Browser

The Poly Haven Asset Browser thumbnail displays several free assets from the Poly Haven library.

Regular Price: $30

Where to Find Blender Add-Ons

Blender add-ons are available on different platforms, including the following:

Blender Market

My preferred place to purchase and download add-ons for Blender is Blender Market. Blender Market was launched in 2017 and serves as a unique platform for Blender artists to buy and sell models, shaders, add-ons and more.

The Blender Market website header showing the site has over 27,000 products for Blender.

A portion of many sales are donated to the Blender Foundation to support the future development of Blender. Blender Market is operated by the 3D tutorial company CG Cookie.


Gumroad is another popular place to find Blender add-ons. It’s an e-commerce marketplace for all kinds of digital assets. Among the vast amount of both free and paid products you can find on Gumroad are Blender add-ons.

Gumroad generally takes a much smaller cut of sales proceeds so if you truly want to support a creator, they will get more if you buy on Gumroad.


ArtStation is both a massive portfolio site for digital artists but also a marketplace. There are many tutorials, assets and Blender add-ons available. You’ll just have to sift through products for other digital art programs because it is not Blender specific.

More on Blender Add-Ons

As you can see, add-ons in Blender can do a wide range of things. They can speed up our workflow, allow us to scatter objects quickly, create realistic human characters, improve our use of the Blender asset library, add procedural damage and so much more. I hope you find value in this list of the best Blender plug-ins for 2022.

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