Blender allows third-party asset libraries to integrate into 3D viewport or the asset browser. We can download or purchase material libraries filled with custom textures that can be dragged right onto an object in Blender.

Here is my list of best material asset libraries for Blender 3D.

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Materialiq is one of several products created by PolygonIQ. It offers a variety of useful 3D materials, asset browser integration and a few of their water materials animated with Aquatiq.

They have a variety of packages depending on your needs (the 2k pack is probably good for most users).

A series of procedural materials created with Materialiq.

Ryan King’s Ultimate Procedural Materials

Ryan King is a stellar Blender instructor (See his YouTube channel). He regularly releases material packs and with the Ultimate Procedural Materials, you get all of them…forever.

These are procedural materials with a lot of style.

Several spheres displaying Ryan King's procedural materials.

Poly Haven Asset Library

Poly Haven is a site full of CC0 materials, models and HDRIs. That means they are all free. Download them individually or use their Asset Browser Plug-In to bring them straight into Blender.

Poly haven assets displayed on a thumbnail.

Sanctus Library

The Sanctus material library is a combination of high-quality procedural materials and Geometry Node generators that work together to give us highly customizable materials.

There are over 375 materials you can apply with lots of customizable parameters. Sanctus offers a free sample version to try before you buy.

Spheres containing procedural 3D materials from the Sanctus Library.

Realtime Materials for Blender

RealTime Materials by Ducky3D contains over 290 procedural materials. There are realistic ones and some pretty awesome abstract textures to work with.

Four objects with different procedural materials displayed.

Poliigon (The Free Ones)

Poliigon is the 3D material and asset library founded by Andrew Price (AKA The Blender Guru).

While Poliigon sells subscriptions to their massive library of materials, they also offer a lot of free PBR materials I’ve found incredibly useful and high quality.

Using the Poliigon Add-On, you can bring all the free assets right into Blender and (if you choose to) browse and purchase materials from within the add-on.

Several PBR materials displayed on the Poliigon website.

See this to learn more about using and creating materials in Blender.