HDRIs in Blender

HDRIs are special images that can be used to light a scene in Blender. You’ll learn all about them in this article.

Blender Asset Browser ULTIMATE Guide (3.2+)

Your complete and current guide to Blender’s Asset Browser. This covers everything you’ll need to know!

Blender Build Modifier Explained

The Build Modifier is an animation tool that constructs (or deconstructs) an object over time. Here’s how to use it.

7 Tips if You’re Frustrated Learning Blender

Learning something as complicated as Blender can leave us frustrated at times. Blender has so much to learn, I doubt anyone knows the program entirely. If you’re new to Blender or have some experience but find yourself frustrated learning something, here are seven tips to help push through… Tip #1: Learn (or Re-learn) the BasicsContinue reading “7 Tips if You’re Frustrated Learning Blender”

What Kind of Tutorial Should I Look For?

Because Blender is free and has such a huge community of users, there is a nearly endless amount of online tutorials – both free and paid – that you can take to learn Blender. There are different formats (full start-to-finish courses vs task-specific tutorials). There are different lengths and there are definitely differences in quality.Continue reading “What Kind of Tutorial Should I Look For?”