How I Got 1,000 Youtube Subscribers in 53 Days

I started a new Youtube Channel for digital artists in January 2021. I got almost no views until I started using VidIQ. 53 days later I had 1,000 subscribers and give most of the credit to the VidIQ tools.

Two Ways to Sell NFT Crypto Art

NFT Crypto Art is what everyone is talking about. I’ll explain what NFT’s are and show you two very different marketplaces for them.

Welcome to My Page!

Hi, my name is Brandon Stocking and I am a digital artist from Vacaville, CA. I originally started this page to post my own artwork. Now, I also use it to teach others how to use the free 3D software called Blender. Hopefully you’re already a Blender user who’s found my page to take yourContinue reading “Welcome to My Page!”