7 Tips if You’re Frustrated Learning Blender

Learning something as complicated as Blender can leave us frustrated at times. Blender has so much to learn, I doubt anyone knows the program entirely. If you’re new to Blender or have some experience but find yourself frustrated learning something, here are seven tips to help push through… Tip #1: Learn (or Re-learn) the BasicsContinue reading “7 Tips if You’re Frustrated Learning Blender”

What Kind of Tutorial Should I Look For?

Because Blender is free and has such a huge community of users, there is a nearly endless amount of online tutorials – both free and paid – that you can take to learn Blender. There are different formats (full start-to-finish courses vs task-specific tutorials). There are different lengths and there are definitely differences in quality.Continue reading “What Kind of Tutorial Should I Look For?”

Welcome to My Page!

Hi, my name is Brandon Stocking and I am a digital artist from Vacaville, CA. I originally started this page to post my own artwork. Now, I also use it to teach others how to use the free 3D software called Blender. Hopefully you’re already a Blender user who’s found my page to take yourContinue reading “Welcome to My Page!”