Blender Market is the go-to place for Blender add-ons, shaders and affordable 3D models created by fellow Blender users. Four times a year, Blender Market has a sale with products up to 25% off. Here are the details for the 2023 Blender Market sales.

A Valentine's Day themed thumbnail showing up to 25% off selected add-ons, materials and models on Blender Market for the Love Blender Sale.
The 2023 Blender Market “Love Blender” Sale happens February 13th-15th.

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February “Love Blender” Sale

The first sale of 2023 falls around Valentine’s Day and has a theme. During the “Love Blender” sale, participating creators are giving a 25% discount on selected products.

When is the Next Blender Market Sale?

Blender Market’s 2023 “Love Blender” sale has come to a close. The next sale will be in Summer of 2023.

Blender Add-Ons I Recommend

Here are products I personally use and recommend you try during the upcoming sale. You won’t regret these ones.


Geo-Scatter (formerly “Scatter”) is one of my all-time favorite Blender add-ons. For scattering nature elements or anything else, Geo-Scatter gives you so many flexible ways of doing it.

With over a half-dozen ways of scattering and masking objects, you are in complete control. The powerful biome feature creates realistic nature scenes in one click.

Use Geo-Scatter with your own assets or the over 100 nature assets it comes with including trees, bushes, grass and debris. Here’s a video review and full overview of the addon on my YouTube channel.

Human Generator

If you want to create realistic human characters inside of Blender, Human Generator is for you. It’s simple to use yet creates awesome and high-quality characters.

The generated models are endlessly customizable. Control their hair, skin tone, eye color, posing and much more. You can add a rig with a single click and a basic set of clothing options comes included.

Simple Bake

Baking textures in Blender is a giant pain, but necessary in order to export models to other software.

Simple Bake has been a complete life saver and entirely streamlines the process right inside of Blender. I can’t say enough about this and even at normal price, the add-on is an incredible value (normally $16).

I also have an overview video of Simple Bake.

One-Click Damage (OCD)

This is a super simple add-on that does just what the name implies. It creates procedural damage with just one click.

There are of course adjustments you can make to the damage and I have a full review of it here.

There’s also a free version with limited functionality to try it out.

BrandonVille Building Packs

I admit… I’m biased with these ones. These are my own packs but I think you’ll enjoy them. They have baked textures and (in my humble opinion) are some of the best values on Blender Market.

The Brandonville Residential pack includes 18 3D house models with textures and materials to create neighborhoods.
18 Residential Homes with Yards
The Brandonville Commercial pack of 3D building models, stores and shops is available on Blender Market.
15 Retail and Commercial Buildings

3D Shaker Assets on Blender Market

3D Shaker has some of the highest quality asset packs available on Blender Market and these bundles are among my favorites.

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