Blender Market is the go-to place for Blender add-ons, shaders and affordable 3D models created by fellow Blender users. Four times a year, Blender Market has a sale with products up to 25% off. Here are the details for the 2024 Blender Market sales.

A Valentine's Day themed thumbnail showing up to 25% off selected add-ons, materials and models on Blender Market for the Love Blender Sale.

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Blender Market 2024 Winter Sale

The first sale of 2024 begins on February 20th and participating creators are giving a 25% discount on selected products.

When is the Next Blender Market Sale?

Blender Market’s 2024 Winter Sale will run from February 20th to February 25th.

What to Save On During the Cyber Sale

Blender Market’s library of Blender add-ons, material packs, 3d models, brushes and tutorials is growing every week. Here are some highlights of things I’d look to pick up during the sales. It’s not guaranteed that every product here will be on sale.


Add-ons extend and improve functionality in Blender. They’re simple to install and there are so many great ones. Here are some of my favorites:

VDM and Alpha Brush Sets

Sculpting in Blender is even more powerful with the addition of VDM brushes. Here are some new VDM brush sets to work with in Blender…

BrandonVille Building Packs

I admit… I’m biased with these ones. These are my own. These building kits have baked textures and (in my humble opinion) are a great value.

The Brandonville Residential pack includes 18 3D house models with textures and materials to create neighborhoods.
18 Residential Homes with Yards
The Brandonville Commercial pack of 3D building models, stores and shops is available on Blender Market.
15 Retail and Commercial Buildings

Material Packs

Several spheres with 3D materials applied to them in Blender.

See our full recommendations for 3D material packs on Blender Market.

3D Shaker Assets on Blender Market

3D Shaker has some of the highest quality asset packs available on Blender Market and these bundles are among my favorites.

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Past Blender Market Sales

Here’s a list of past Blender Market sales that we’ve featured on this site:

  • 2023 Cyber Sale (November 2023) – Special 30% Off
  • 2023 Summer Sale (August 2023)
  • 2023 Spring Sale (May 2023)
  • 2023 For the Love of Blender Sale (February 2022)