Blender Market is the first place Blender Artists should look for models, modifier setups, plug-ins, training and more for Blender. In addition to my absolute favorite Blender Add-Ons, there’s so much to love about Blender Market. Here’s ten reasons to support the platform. 

The Blender Market Home Screen and logo.

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It’s For Blender Artists, By Blender Artists

If you’ve visited other platforms for 3D models and assets, you have to sort through formats for a variety of 3D software programs. 

Everything on Blender is created for Blender users. When you purchase a 3D model, you get it in a .blend file. There’s no need to convert from other file types or import assets into Blender. 

The creators of the products are Blender users. If you ever need support, you’re not talking to someone who isn’t familiar with your software. If you’ve been around the Blender Community, you know just how helpful and supportive people can be.

Industrial 3D Models in the Blender viewport.
Industrial greeble assets in Blender 3D viewport.

Products on Blender Market are Reviewed for Quality

While the Blender Market platform is accessible to many Blender users to sell products, you can’t just sell low-quality junk. Every creator on Blender Market is vetted and has to show some level of experience and quality product before being admitted as a seller. 

On top of that, every product is individually reviewed for quality assurance to make sure the product isn’t deficient, works as advertised and is suitable for the platform. 

This gives buyers (myself included) assurance that what they’re buying has been reviewed by a member of the Blender Market Team and doesn’t absolutely suck!

Two 3d human models
Human Generator Add-On for Blender

Products on Blender Market are Affordable (And Go On Sale)

Assets on competitor platforms can be outrageously expensive. I’ve found overall the cost of models, addons and other assets on Blender Market are incredibly reasonable. I sell these high quality building models for much less than I probably could because I enjoy being a part of the Blender Market Community. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the Blender Market sales! Every few months, there’s a sitewide sale. Individual creators decide whether they want to participate in a sale, but many do. The good prices get even better.

Here’s more information about current and upcoming sales on Blender Market. 

A beach scene with nature assets
Geo Scatter Add-on for Blender

Their Popular and Featured Products are Awesome

There’s already a huge amount of 3D assets available on Blender Market and the library is growing every day. It can get hard to find the hidden gems that don’t have the most sales. 

Fortunately, the staff at Blender Market include Featured Blender Goodies to highlight great products from lesser-known creators. They also show trending products on their home page so you can see what’s suddenly rising in popularity. 

Two featured products on Blender Market include info graphs for Blender and a procedural pottery generator.

I really enjoy scrolling through the staff picks as a Blender Market customer. As a creator, I appreciate the opportunity to share the spotlight with the big creators. 

Purchasers on Blender Market Get Free Updates

Blender is always getting updated. Plug-ins often need to be updated as well. Although it’s ultimately up to the creator, nearly every product on Blender Market comes with lifetime updates included with the purchase price. 

Many creators take this a step farther. They create a product and continuously improve it over time. One example of this is Ryan King’s massive procedural material library. He adds to it constantly and anyone who’s ever purchased gets all the additional assets. 

Another example is the Blender Secrets E-Book. It’s a huge e-book with over 600 Blender lessons. The creator just keeps making this thing bigger and more valuable. But everyone who’s purchased gets the updates for free.

A wall covered in ivy created by the Baga Ivy Add-On for Blender 3D.
Baga Ivy Blender Add-On

Re-Downloading Purchased Products is Easy on Blender Market

Once you purchase an asset on Blender Market, you can always re-download it. This is how we get the most updated versions, but is also handy if we’ve misplaced or deleted an asset. I’ve taken advantage of this feature more than once. 

The orders page in Blender Market shows all previous orders of products.

To re-download a product, just log in and view your previous orders. Find the order you need and press the “Go to Downloads” button. 

Blender Market Has a Fair Refund Policy

With digital assets, refund policies get tricky. Once someone downloads a digital asset, they can’t return it like they would a physical product. Once it’s downloaded, the purchaser has the product. 

This puts creators in a tough spot. Many want to assure customers they’ll enjoy the product or get their money back. But this could obviously lead to abuse. 

Blender Market has a process it describes as a “fair refund policy” and I agree with that description. Creators are required by the terms of the platform to provide customer support. Blender Market will review issues with products and refund unintentional purchases if they are not downloaded. 

It’s a great balance in protecting creators while ensuring customers can feel assured they will be supported. Here’s a more thorough overview of Blender Market’s refund policy. 

Ryan King's Ultimate Procedural Material Pack
Ryan King Ultimate Procedural Materials Pack

It’s Easy to Become a Creator on Blender Market

If you made something you’d like to sell on Blender Market, you can apply to become a creator (seller). Some creators are making pretty good money on Blender Market and it’s my favorite kind: passive income!

The Blender Market creator dashboard shows products and sales.

The application to become a creator is a straight-forward process. See this page for an in-depth explanation of how to become a creator on Blender Market. 

You’ll need to submit a description of what you plan to sell and some form of “portfolio.” The portfolio is mostly to prove you’re an actual person who uses Blender.

The application is manually reviewed and then you can upload products to sell. This process only took me one business day. Each product is then individually reviewed when you upload (which can take another day or two). 

The Brandonville house 3D models are displayed.

It costs nothing to become a creator but Blender Market takes a (reasonable) share of sales.

They have optional subscription plans where creators pay a monthly fee but keep a larger portion of sales. This becomes worthwhile if you are making a certain number of sales each month. 

It’s Easy to Become a Blender Market Affiliate

Blender Market is a great place for buyers and sellers, but did you know they have a robust affiliate program too? Affiliates are individuals who market products like these that others create in exchange for a sales commission.

The Blender Market affiliate dashboard displays upcoming commission payouts.

I’ve dabbled in affiliate marketing and Blender Market has been one of my favorite platforms. Here’s an overview of how it works. 

If you have an audience of some sort (social media following, YouTube channel, etc) you can reach out to creators and ask to be added as an affiliate. It doesn’t cost anything to be an affiliate.

As an affiliate, you get a personalized link you can share. If someone uses that link and then purchases a product from a creator you’re an affiliate for, you get a cut of the sale. How much of the sale depends on your arrangement with the individual creator.

The Simple Bake logo and baking buttons from the Blender render properties panel are displayed.
Simple Bake Add-On for Blender

Blender Market Supports the Blender Development Fund

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you understand how awesome it is that Blender is free. The reason Blender can remain free and not suck is largely due to the Blender Development Fund. It’s a pool of money raised by individuals and businesses that support ongoing development of Blender. 

Each creator on Blender Market can choose to donate a portion of their revenue to the Blender Development Fund as a way of giving back and supporting the future of Blender. 

Products on Blender Market with hearts indicating they support the development fund.

Products from which revenue is donated get a heart icon displayed next to them. As of 2023, Blender Market creators have donated over $500,000 to the Blender Development Fund. 


Blender Market is an awesome place for Blender users, creators and even affiliates. It’s a place solely dedicated to products and 3D assets built for Blender. It’s an affordable platform and purchasing helps support other Blender users as well as the future of Blender itself. 

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